by Arcadia Gardens

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released August 17, 2013

All songs written, performed, and produced by Daniel Rutstrom

Album Artwork Photography and Design by Daniel Rutstrom



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Arcadia Gardens Knoxville, Tennessee

Arcadia Gardens is the solo project of Daniel Rutstrom. It is a blend of psychedelic-pop, ambient, and dream-pop. Lots of reverb, delay, and bubbly synths.

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Track Name: Island
There's a place I go
When I'm feeling down

I built an island
Just for myself
So I could get away
From everybody else

Open up your eyes
This is no surprise
Running down the line
Running out of time

I made a garden
The plants are dying now
I tried to save them
But I didn't know how

Open up your eyes
This is no surprise
Running down the line
Running out of time
Track Name: And When the Sky Was Opened
There is something going on
But I can't figure it out
I've been trying for days
But I just can't figure it out

And when the sky was opened
That's when I saw my fate
I tried to run away
But it was already too late
Track Name: Shipwrecked // Swim
Time will never stop
But I'm still staring at the clock
Now yesterday was four years ago

Now all my friends are gone
Well where did I go wrong
I've been stuck here for too long

Shipwrecked, I'm stranded
With nothing to do
Sometimes I think I'll make it out
But I know it isn't true
Track Name: Dead Sky, Red Sky
Dead Sky
Red Sky
Track Name: I Keep Hearing Echoes
I keep hearing echoes
Bouncing off the wall
I don't want to let go
'Cause I'm afraid I'll fall

There's nothing left to do but hang around
'Cause I could never go back to that town
If I did it wouldn't feel the same
Well I'd go home, but no one knows my name